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2014 June



In Ramblings

By admin


On 21, Jun 2014 | In Ramblings | By admin

I haven’t posted in a while because the last couple months have been crazy:

Flew to Denver to do a record for Bluetree and landed in a blizzard in the middle of May.

Tracked a kick-ass record for Tampa artist Forrest Hoffar at the always beautiful Southern Ground studios.

Worked with Hawk Nelson on the beginnings of their new record in one of my favorite rooms in town, Blackbird Studio D.

Tracked some songs for one of my favorite local singer-songwriters, Jessica Campbell, over at the Trophy Room.

Got to work with killer Brooklyn band Secret Someones on a few songs for their upcoming EP.

Also, sessions for Barnaby Bright, Kelly Rae Burton, Audrey Assad, Gungor, Amanda Cook and more.