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All Sons and Daughters Live DVD Tracking

On 22, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In Ramblings | By admin

I had an incredible couple of days last week tracking All Sons & Daughters live at Ocean Way Studio A.  It was an amazing setting, with 10 musicians playing live in front of a crowd of close to 200 people, everybody in the studio together. The whole event was also shot for a DVD and streamed live over the internet to thousands. My board mix straight off the Neve at Ocean Way was going to the PA as well as to the live stream. Phenomenal musicians, great crowd participation. It was a really special evening. Here’s a couple photos of what it all looked like.

A few geeky tech details: I used Ocean Way’s beautiful pair of M50s as room mics fairly close in, as well as a pair of U67s WAY up high…and I think I actually liked the 67s better. I know, blasphemy. Maybe it was just placement. I used one of their pair of C12s as overheads = Love. Sony C37s on toms = Always Love. Shout out to Rolff from Blackbird for getting me a pair Neumann KMs100 live vocal mics on super short notice. Those things saved the day with the bleed. Also a shout out to my kick ass assistant Nick Spezia for doing an awesome job.

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