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How about a joke?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
A robot.
Oh shit.

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In Ramblings

By admin

Recent Work

On 02, Mar 2014 | In Ramblings | By admin

February was a busy month for me and The Trophy Room. Recent projects include: Work with Mat Kearney for his new record. Laura Hackett, a fantastic artist out of Kansas City. Young Australian artist Tom Jordan on Secret Road. Lindsay Mccaul on Centricity and some more videos for the L.R. Baggs Handcrafted Video series.

I start Monday with Audrey Assad on a  new EP, followed immediately by working on a record for Norwegian artist Marit Larsen and then a record for Tampa-based singer/songwriter Forrest Hoffar.

Here’s a few stills of us working with producers Ben Shive and Brown Bannister and bass player Tony Lucido on Laura Hackett’s record at The Trophy Room.