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Jill Andrews



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On 25, Oct 2013 | In Ramblings | By admin

Will Sayles and I just had producer Chris Stevens and legendary artist Michael W. Smith over at the Trophy Room tracking drums on a couple songs for Michael’s new record. Great songs, and Will killed it on drums.

Last week I was in the studio with producer Ben Shive and artist JJ Heller tracking a record of love songs and lullabies. Just acoustic guitar, keys and vocal. The songs were beautiful, and I think we got some really great, intimate sounds. JJ is a fantastic artist. Check this one out.

Coming up next for me is one more day with Katie Herzig to finish up drums on her record, a live shoot for L.R. Baggs with Jill Andrews and a few days of tracking with Ruston Kelly and producer Jamie Kenney.

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Jill Andrews – Seth Avett Duet

On 01, Sep 2013 | In Ramblings | By admin

I had an incredible day on Thursday at my studio The Trophy Room, when I got to record a duet between the fantastic Jill Andrews and Seth Avett (of the Avett Brothers). We captured the whole thing live with Jill and Seth facing each other, both singing and playing acoustic. With that kind of talent on the floor, you don’t need anything else. It’s a single take of a beautiful song, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. The song is slated to be the last track on Jill’s upcoming record.

As a bonus we were lucky enough to have Mike Luckett of L.R. Baggs Handcrafted Videos on hand to capture the entire thing live as it happened. Check back for pictures and video soon!

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Recent Happenings

On 05, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In Ramblings | By admin

I haven’t posted much lately, ’cause it has been non-stop. In the past month I’ve: wrapped up the Nico Moon record, tracked Audrey Assad’s new record “Fortunate Fall” due out August 13th, tracked stuff for Phil Wickham, Matthew West and Lacey Sturm (formerly of Flyleaf). This week it’s been 3 days of tracking for Jill Andrews’ new record at my and Will Sayles’ new studio The Trophy Room. Will’s producing Jill’s record, and it is turning out GREAT.

Next week is filled with more tracking for Katie Herzig’s new record and a Brandon Heath Christmas record. Let’s go.

Here’s a shot of the tracking room at my new studio The Trophy Room:

Tracking room at The Trophy Room

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